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Electrical Inspections in Columbus, OH

Electrical inspections are an important service that you don’t want to put off if you expect your home’s electrical system to stay safe. If you haven’t hired a qualified Columbus electrician to perform an electrical inspection over the last five to seven years, it’s time to take care of this maintenance.

Our master electrician at Safe Electric can assist you with an electrical inspection of your home. We also offer full-service electrical repairs and other services to meet your needs. No matter what service we are providing you with, our priority is to ensure you have a safe and functional electrical system that fully meets the power needs of your home and household.

Electrician rewiring power panel

What Electrical Inspections Focus On

Electrical panels – The main service panel and any individual breaker boxes are important components of your home’s electrical system. The electrical inspection will include testing and a visual inspection of the wiring, circuit breakers, and other components of the electrical panels in your Columbus home.

Wiring – Do you know what type of wiring you have in your home or if it is safely supporting your power needs? Electrical inspections include testing and visual inspections of the wiring that runs throughout your house to make sure it’s in good shape, not outdated, properly repaired when work was done in the past, and currently safe to use.

Fuses – Some homes still have fuses rather than circuit breakers. When fuses go bad, they have to be completely replaced. Breakers can be reset. Fuses are prone to experience surges and to cause overheated circuits. We inspect the electrical panel for a possible upgrade during the electrical inspection and will advise you of any electrical repairs or upgrades are needed at that time.

Code requirements – Electrical safety codes are in place to ensure your home isn’t at risk for house fires and other problems. The electrical inspection will uncover any code violations that need to be addressed.

Pre-sale or pre-purchase reports for buying or selling your home – Electrical inspections are important for buying or selling a home. The written report you receive can help you to determine what repairs or upgrades would be needed as well as the costs involved before you sign a real estate contract.

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