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Electrician in Galena, OH

As a Galena homeowner, you rely on your electrical system for virtually everything. Without it, you can’t control the temperature in your home, take a hot shower, or even see well enough to clean properly. With working and attending school online becoming increasingly common, electricity is also essential to earning an income and getting an education in many homes. Because of all that, electrical problems are far more than minor inconveniences. They can cause major disruptions in your everyday life. At Safe Electric, we want to make sure you never have to struggle with unexpected electrical issues.

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Our Electrical Services in Galena, OH

Are you in need of electrical repairs or installations for your home in Galena, OH?  Our team of courteous and highly knowledgeable technicians is proud to cater to families in Galena and the surrounding areas, and we have more than 25 years of experience in the field. Contact us to request a quote or schedule our services, and let us put our electrical service expertise to work for you. Here are some of the services we offer: 

Electrical Installations

If you’re looking for new electrical installations, we’re the team for you. Our technicians can provide the full range of electrical installation services from wiring new homes to connecting home additions to your existing electrical system. We can also connect your new appliances, install ceiling fans, put in interior and exterior lighting, and wire your home for internet services to name a few of the options we offer.

Of course, every new installation and renovation places an added strain on your home’s electrical system. There’s a chance it won’t be able to handle the extra load. For situations like those, we offer a full line of panel services. Our experts will assess your electrical consumption needs and how changes could affect them to determine whether you may need to have a new electrical panel installed. We can also upgrade you from a fuse box or an outdated breaker box to a new, more efficient electrical panel if need be.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacements 

When it comes to your home’s electrical system, the electrical panel is the brain. It’s what distributes electricity to all of the circuits in your home. We offer a wide range of electrical services, including panel upgrades and replacements. 

Lighting and Outlet Installations and Upgrades

Not very long ago, homes weren’t equipped with extensive lighting and plentiful electrical outlets. People used minimal electricity and, in all honesty, there just weren’t that many appliances and devices on the market. Times have changed, and people’s electrical needs have followed suit.

If your home is too dark or doesn’t have enough outlets, we can install new lighting and outlets. At the same time, we can install advanced AFCI and GFCI receptacles to help reduce the risk of shocks, overloaded circuits, and other problems with those additional outlets and lighting fixtures. We’re also here to install tamper-resistant outlets to help keep your little ones and pets safe.

Electrical Repair Services

Our team also handles electrical repairs in Galena and the surrounding areas. Electrical systems and components in older homes are known to give trouble, and those problems tend to get worse over time. If you’re experiencing issues like flickering lights, frequently tripped breakers, and intermittent unexplained outages, we can take those problems off of your hands. Whether you need lighting repair or in-depth wiring solutions, we can make it happen.

While we’re here to handle all electrical repair needs, some problems warrant immediate attention. If you notice smoke or a burning smell coming from an outlet, light switch, or other component of the electrical system, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Sizzling, crackling, or popping sounds coming from circuits or the electrical panel are signs of trouble as well. Anytime you see strange black, brown, or yellow stains on an outlet or switch, be sure to schedule repair services immediately as well. Ignoring issues like those or putting off repairs can place your family and home in danger.

Electrical Inspections 

Many people don’t realize it, but an electrical inspection is a crucial part of owning a home. Not only does it ensure that your electrical system is up to code, but it also helps to identify any potential safety hazards. If your home needs an inspection, we can help.

Electrical Service Upgrades

At some point, every home will need electrical upgrades. Whether it’s due to changing needs or aging wiring, electrical upgrades are critical. When it’s time for an electrical service upgrade, contact us to make sure the job is done correctly. 

Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

From flickering lights to outlets that refuse to work, electrical problems can be frustrating and even dangerous. Thankfully, our electrical troubleshooting and diagnosis service can help to identify the root of the problem and get your home with electricity safely.

EV Charger Installation

Many people are now switching to electric cars, and for good reason. However, one potential downside of owning an electric vehicle is finding a place to charge it at home. We’ll help you find the perfect place for your charger and make sure that it’s installed correctly and safely.

Emergency Electricians in Galena, OH

In any home, electrical repairs should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. This is because electrical work can be both dangerous and complex, and even a tiny mistake can result in injuries or damage to your home. If you are ever in doubt, give us a call.

Routine Electrical Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key to thwarting dangerous and expensive electrical repairs. It can also help protect your appliances and electronic devices. Ongoing maintenance may even aid in improving your home’s energy efficiency. Many Galena homeowners overlook electrical maintenance, but it’s the key to keeping your electrical system in optimal working order.

Additional Electrical Services in Galena

  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Whole-House Surge Protection
  • Whole-Home Generator Installation
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Arc Fault Breaker Services
  • Electric Meters and Service Masts

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Do you need an electrician in Galena, OH? Whether you’re looking for someone to install a new ceiling fan or you need a complete home rewiring, Safe Electric is here to help. 

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