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Electric Panel Upgrade Services in Columbus, OH

Panel upgrades help to ensure the safety of your home’s electrical system. The main electrical service panel, or main breaker box, will need to be upgraded about every decade or so in order to make sure it is up to code and able to safely supply your Columbus household with power.

Most homeowners either aren’t aware they need to hire an electrician for panel upgrades, or they aren’t sure it’s really a necessity. This is why we still find so many homes in Columbus with outdated, and often dangerous, electrical systems.

Safe Electric is your go-to master electrical contractor in Columbus for panel upgrades and all your other service needs. We would be happy to assess your home’s electrical panel, test the wiring loads, and offer you our honest advice. Be safe and let our professionals help you to avoid potentially dangerous problems.

Electrician working on power box

Why Panel Upgrades Are Necessary

When you demand power from the utility company and bring it into your home, your wiring and the components in the electrical panel need to process it all safely. An outdated panel has limitations on the amount of electricity it can safely supply to the circuitry and wiring in your house.

Not every electrical problem happens because of an outdated electrical panel. That’s why when we assess the electrical panel, it is during a comprehensive electrical inspection that covers all the systems in your home. In addition to the need for panel upgrades, we often find issues like faulty wiring, overloads, and previous electrical repairs that weren’t handled right.

Panel upgrades prevent problems before they can happen, the most concerning of which are house fires, electric shock, damaged heavy appliances, and entire circuits of damaged wiring. Has it been a while since you’ve asked a qualified electrician to take a look at your panel for a possible upgrade?

Signs It’s Time For Panel Upgrades

  • Having to use too many extension cords or outlet adapters
  • Breakers are tripping more than once
  • Spike in electric bill for the day you use the washer & dryer, oven or other appliance
  • Can’t use all the appliances you need at the same time, including small ones
  • Frequent power surges or appliance/electronics damage
  • Lights and outlets near each other along one circuit all quit working
  • Installing new appliances
  • Home remodeling or renovations

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