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Electrician in Pickerington, Ohio

As a homeowner, you must know who to call when something goes wrong with your home. When the time comes to choose an electrician in Pickerington, OH, call Safe Electric. We are here to help with your residential electrical needs. We offer the following services to residents in and around Pickerington.

Electrical Repairs and Installations

Leave electrical repairs and installations to the professionals. When you call us, we send a licensed professional to your home to complete the work. We determine what the problem is and find the best solution for your needs. Our repairman can help with the following tasks.

Outlets and Switches

Without outlets and switches, you couldn’t access the electricity in the home. If you need an outlet or switch repaired or wish to have a GFCI outlet or dimmer switch installed, we have a Pickerington contractor who can help. They will have your outlet or switch working in no time.


Do you have a light flickering in the home? Are you ready to install new task lighting? We can help with either task or any lighting problem you are experiencing. Our team will help you design a lighting installation or fix a problem you are having with your existing lights. All you need to do is ask.

Ceiling Fans

Call Safe Electric when you want to install a new ceiling fan. These fans are heavy, which is why this job is best left to the pros. We employ a team of top electricians to ensure we do the job right.

Smoke Detectors

Every home needs working smoke detectors for safety reasons. Our electrician in Pickerington, OH will install a new smoke detector to ensure your loved ones remain protected.

Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers protect the home from electrical fires. However, they only do so when they work. Call us to have your breakers inspected and repaired or replaced if needed.

Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel controls the flow of electricity into the home. Call us to have your panel inspected. We’ll ensure it works properly, so you have electricity when you want and need it.


Many homeowners find they need to upgrade the electrical panel to meet the demands of modern electronics. If you believe you may benefit from an electrical panel upgrade, we can help.


Your electrical panel may need replacement. If the panel is over 20 years old or if you have a panel made by certain brands, have it replaced. Our electrician near Pickerington will complete this task, so you have peace of mind when it comes to this essential household component.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections allow you to ensure the electrical system works as intended. This inspection ensures problems are caught early before they affect the entire system. This helps to keep repair costs down. We conduct these inspections regularly and will gladly help you.

Electrical Service Upgrade

Your electric meter and service mast are your responsibility. Many homeowners believe they belong to the utility company, but they don’t. We can inspect your electrical service and make upgrades as needed.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

Troubleshooting an electrical problem is challenging. Many components remain hidden in the home, making it difficult to pinpoint the problem. Our company employs electricians who can diagnose any problem and make repairs. Call us for help with your system today.

Wiring Services

When you need an electrician near you for wiring services, call us. We can install or repair wires and rewire the home when needed. Contact us today to learn more about our wiring services and their benefits.

EV Charger Installation

Electric vehicles continue to increase in popularity today. Call our electrician near Pickerington, OH to have a dedicated EV charger installed in the home. Doing so allows you to get the most from your new ride.

Emergency Electrician

Electrical problems seem to arise at the most inconvenient time. Don’t worry. We have an electrician in Pickerington, OH who can help. Call us right away for assistance.

Lighting Installation

You need lights as you go about your day. When you want to install new lights in the home, let us know. We will have them installed in little time.

Indoor Lighting

We help customers install ambient, task, and accent lighting. You need all three types to illuminate the home properly. With our help, your house will have ample lighting for any purpose.

Outdoor Lighting

In addition, we install outdoor lighting. This ensures you have the light you need to move about safely on your property. We can also install lights to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Protect sensitive devices in the home with whole home surge protection. This surge protector works with your electrical panel to reduce problems associated with lightning strikes, power surges, and more.

Why Choose Us as Your Electrician in Pickerington, OH?

Safe Electric has been serving residents of Ohio since 1994. We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our customers and treat you with respect. Call us today to discuss your electrical issues.

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