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An outdoor pool/spa area is a source of relaxation and comfort during summer and fall and can even enhance the value of your home. When planning an installation, keep in mind that water and electricity do not mix. Even if you’re a seasoned DIY-er, attempting to wire the pool area can be a big mistake. If you aren’t careful or don’t 100% know what you’re doing, you face the danger of possible electrocution or imminent failure of a major component, such as the pool pump. That’s why it’s important to leave electrical installation in your pool/spa area to a licensed electrician. Here are some reasons why:


Your pool area requires a lot of electrical components such as above-ground and underwater lighting, pumps, filters, and switches. Improper installation increases the risk of shock and possible electrocution. Don’t risk it; leave these installations to a professional.

Proper installation.

A licensed electrician understands how electricity in the pool area functions and how it integrates with your household electrical system, such as sharing the circuit box. An electrician will also install GCFI (ground fault circuit interrupters) in the pool area as a further safeguard against electrical shock.

Meet codes.

A pool, hot tub, and spa installation needs to meet local codes. This not only protects you from potential liability but in most cases, is a requirement of your home insurance.

Reliability and troubleshooting.

Won’t it be nice to dive into the pool knowing that everything is in good (and safe) working order? That is the service you will receive from a licensed electrician. Also, if something does go wrong, the electrician can fix it, whereas a DIY-er may be left frantically Googling or YouTubing.

Planning for a pool and spa is exciting but also a major expense. Don’t cut corners. Protect your investment by calling 614-267-4111 to schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician at Safe Electric. They will professionally install your pool area wiring so you will be able to relax and enjoy all the benefits, including knowing that everything is functioning properly and safely.