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Owning a home has its perks, but also its pitfalls in the form of ongoing maintenance. We’re cued to regularly service our HVAC systems, appliances, and even plumbing, but what about our electrical system? It’s easy to take electricity for granted. It’s always there until it isn’t, due to power outages or other phenomena. While maintenance problems are annoying, few can cause as much damage as a faulty electrical system. Electrical problems can be caused by age, wear and tear, damage by rodents, accidental damage, or improper installation, to name just a few. Neglected electrical issues can lead to house fires and electrocution and that’s why it’s important to reach out to a licensed electrician if you suspect wear in your electrical wiring. 

Here are three clues of wear in electrical wiring in your home – 

Dimming or flickering lights.

If the lights dim, flicker, or buzz when you flip the switch or turn on a device such as the vacuum, some possibilities are that your wiring is bad, the circuit is overloaded, or the light switch is faulty.

Frequent short circuits.

When you lose electricity if you plug in an appliance or gadget, you may have a problem with a short circuit. Short circuits occur when the electrical panel can’t handle the increase in voltage, so it shuts down the entire system to prevent an electrical fire. In this case, the culprit could be bad wiring or be with the circuit breaker itself.

Burning odor.

If you smell burning plastic or wires, see smoke, or an outlet is blackened or feels very hot to touch, unplug everything from that outlet, and call an electrician. 

When you schedule an electrical inspection, a licensed electrician will check that all the electrical panels are labeled correctly and that the panel is clean and free of rust and corrosion. They will also make sure the panel has the right-sized circuit breakers and fuses and check for other signs of wear and damage.  

If you are experiencing any type of questionable electrical issue or just want general peace of mind, call Safe Electric at 614-267-4111. We’ll send one of our licensed electricians to your home to diagnose the problem and efficiently repair it. Your safety is front of mind with us, and we will get your electrical system back to functioning properly and safely.