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Ceiling fans can help improve comfort in your home year-round by augmenting your HVAC system. Modern, sleek designs are available, replacing the boxy clunky units of past decades. (Picture wide rattan blades and fluted sconces.) While installing a ceiling fan isn’t difficult, there are a lot of steps involved. Before you embark on this DIY project, here is an overview of what you can expect. You’ll need to have a robust set of tools and an extra set of hands, as well as some basic knowledge of electrical wiring.

After completing the basics of preparing the space and shutting off the power, you’ll need to disconnect and remove the existing ceiling fan, then mount the new fan in the junction box, if there is one. If there is not, then you’ll need to install one. You’ll then need to mount the fan and thread the wiring through, making sure everything is secure. There are brackets and a downrod (which connects to the fan’s base) that will need to be installed. The downrod that comes with the fan will suffice; however, if you have a slanted ceiling, you may need to source a different downrod.

After the fan is securely attached to the ceiling, it’s time to wire the fan to your home’s existing electrical system, including a light switch, if you choose to use one to operate the fan. Usually, the wires are color-coded to simplify the process. After all the wires are connected, you slide them into the junction box. After all of that, you can start the process of attaching the fan blades and bulbs; some fan blades are “quick attach,” while others will need to be screwed into the unit. After all of that, is the moment of truth. Restore the power and hold your breath to see if the fan works.

While that was a very “Cliff’s Notes” version, it’s easy to see that installing a ceiling fan can get complicated, especially if your home has a slanted ceiling or isn’t already wired to accommodate the fan. If you are unsure or lack the skills needed to pull this off, why not leave the job to a trained professional? The licensed electricians at Safe Electric can give you an estimate on the ceiling fan that will be best for your home, based on your taste, budget, and the architecture and existing wiring in your home. Reach out to us at 614-267-4111 to schedule an appointment and we’ll get your ceiling fan installed quickly and efficiently.