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Transfer Switch Installation in Columbus, OH

Power outages are fun for no one. This is especially frustrating when your job is involved. Whether you work from home or in an office, not having electricity slows down or stops your productivity. That is why a backup generator is a gift. Generators may go unappreciated until you don’t have one, or you don’t have the necessary accessories installed to make it a convenient power source. If you have a generator, is it connected to your electrical panel? Are you stuck with using extensions?

If this is the case, it would mean that you wouldn’t have access to those appliances connected to your electrical panel. Safe Electric can put an end to this inconvenience with our transfer switch installation in Columbus, OH. Our electricians can make your whole home generator your main power source during outages.

Reliable Transfer Switch Installation near Columbus, OH

We don’t want you to be without power, or only have limited access to power during outages. Our qualified team of electricians will assess your home and discuss your needs before settling on the right installation for you. When you choose us to install a transfer switch for your generator, you can expect high-quality service and materials. We will ensure that your home is fully powered!

What is a Transfer Switch Installation in Columbus, OH?

A transfer switch will move your appliances and electrical system’s connectivity from your electrical panel to your backup generator. This transfer switch is installed somewhere near your electrical panel. The best part is that you can decide which circuits get power from the generator during a power outage.
Using this transfer switch that is directly connected to your electrical panel, you no longer need to use an extension for a limited number of devices and appliances. Since this generator allows bigger appliances to draw power from it, you can keep your HVAC unit, refrigerator, and lighting on when there is no power. Enduring power outages has never been this easy. Contact us today to learn more about these convenient switches.

Types of Transfer Switch Installations Near You

It may interest you to know that there are two different kinds of transfer switches. You can discuss them with our qualified electricians so you can get the best choice for your home.

Manual Transfer Switch

Manually transfer switches require you to physically switch them on and off. This is a suitable option if you have a portable generator that is not plugged in constantly. However, even if you have a permanent generator, you can still use a manual transfer switch. If you prefer to maintain control over your generator, and when it switches on, this is the transfer switch for you! Get your portable generator transfer switch today.

Automatic Transfer Switch

This is an easy option for homeowners with permanent generators. If you have an automatic transfer switch, electricity is diverted from your generator as soon as the power goes off. You don’t have to rush to flip this manual switch to your backup generator. Automatic transfer switches allow you to choose which appliances you want to keep running so that you don’t overload your backup generator. If you have a permanent generator, contact us to install your automatic transfer switch.

Leave to a Professional Electrician

It may sound easy to install a transfer switch by yourself, but this can be tricky, and we do not advise our customers to do this. Transfer switches have to be connected to your electrical panel. Your electrical panel is a complex labyrinth of switches and wires. If you do not install the transfer switch properly, you will experience interrupted power and there is a risk of electrical fires. Keep your family safe and enjoy uninterrupted electricity during power outages by contacting a professional electrical contractor to install your transfer switch in Columbus, OH. Our skilled electricians will take care of you!

Transfer Switch Maintenance and Repairs

Already have a transfer switch? We can help you carry out the repairs if you have problems with your transfer switch. Our expert technicians will know what to do to get your transfer switch and generator back up and running. If your appliances do not have power during blackouts, it may be your transfer switch. Call us today for your maintenance and repair services.

Whole Home Generator Installation

Do you need a whole home generator to keep the lights on during power shortages? We have just the thing for you! We can install a whole home generator in your home, as well as a transfer switch to give you the ultimate convenience you deserve.

Transfer Switch Installations You Can Trust

When it comes to your family and home’s safety, you should never take shortcuts. Allow Safe Electric to handle all your electrical services. Our electricians are certified and experienced to give you only the best service in Columbus. We are respectful of your time, money, and home. We won’t disappoint you! Contact us today for your transfer switch installation. You can’t go wrong with excellence.

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