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Electrical Mast Installation in Columbus, OH

When you own a home, you probably don’t spend a lot of time looking at all of the wires and boxes on the outside of your home and wondering what they all are. But there is a name and a use for everything and it all needs to be working right for your home to have power and be working safely. 


When something goes wrong with your electrical system, you might not even know what needs to be fixed. But at Safe Electric, we know everything about your home’s electrical system and we’ll walk you through any installation or repair that needs to be done. Get ahold of us for electrical mast installation in Columbus, OH when you suspect problems with your external electrical equipment.

electrical mast

Electrical Mast Installation Columbus, OH

At Safe Electric, we can install or repair all of the electrical equipment that can be found on the outside of your house including your: 

  • Electrical service mast
  • Weatherhead
  • Service drop
  • Service lateral
  • Meter base
  • Meter panel
  • Wiring that connects transformers and your mast or meter
  • Galvanized conduits 
  • Ground rods
  • Cables
  • Conductors
  • Grounding connections
  • Mast attachment brackets

If you don’t know what all of these terms mean, that’s okay. We’ll talk you through the most important terms and you can always ask your electrician during the service mast repair or installation if you want to learn more. 


What is an Electrical Service Mast? 

If you have overhead electrical service, you will have a service mast. You can go outside and look up from your electrical meter box. You’ll notice a pole that goes from the meter, through the roof, and up several feet. The cables that run from the transformer to your house connect at this pole, called your service mast. The service mast is the place where the power lines, also called the service drop, connect to your home’s electrical system. As soon as the electricity reaches your mast, it officially belongs to you. 


How Does Electricity Enter Your Home?

Electricity has a long and complicated journey to make once it leaves the power plant. After it gets to the service drop, it will make its way to your mast. First, it goes in through the weatherhead where it passes through the service entrance conductors. After that, it goes through the meter box and then to your electrical panel. Your electrical panel sends the electricity to the rest of your home. 


The Electrical Meter Box

The electrical meter is what measures how much electricity you are using and then sends the information back to your service provider. It’s owned by your utility company and is their responsibility to service or maintain. You can always call if there is something wrong with your meter box. While the meter box isn’t yours, your electrical mast is, so you’ll have to call for electrical mast installation near you when you need it replaced.


Electrical Mast Repairs

Because your mast is out in the elements, it can be susceptible to weather damage. Tree branches can fall on it and damage it, and wind and rain can beat it down over time. You can keep an eye on it to check for damage, but remember to never touch the electrical mast or any of the surrounding equipment.

If your mast is damaged, you might not even have power in your home. You may also notice that the mast looks dented or is no longer connected properly to the wires. If any of these signs are present, you will need to call for service mast installation or repair. If there is too much damage, it will be time for an electrical mast installation near Columbus. We can take care of the replacement and make sure everything is safely connected again. 


Our Electrical Mast Installation Columbus, OH

There are a lot of requirements when it comes to the proper installation of the electrical mast and surrounding equipment. When you choose Safe Electric, you are guaranteeing that all work is going to be up to code. We are careful to stay up-to-date on current requirements. You should never have to suffer any consequences because of our lack of preparation. 

When you choose us for electrical mast installation in Columbus, OH, your services will be backed up with our Safety in Good Hands Guarantee. All of our electricians are licensed, background checked, drug-tested, clean, friendly, and continually trained. We never use sub-contractors so we can guarantee the quality of every service. 

Our prices are up-front, so you will never have to wonder about the cost and you’ll know what each dollar is going towards. We also offer a Price Match Guarantee to make sure our prices are always fair. If there is another company that provides the same quality of services with the best materials but their prices are lower, we’ll beat it by $100!

It can be overwhelming to think about all of the different parts of your electrical system. But at Safe Electric, there is nothing that we can’t take care of. If something is going wrong with your system or you suspect damage to your service mast, give us a call today!

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