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EV Charger Installation in Columbus OH

Electric vehicles are the dream car for many people. They don’t need to be filled up every week and they are more affordable to run and maintain. You can make having an electric vehicle even easier by installing a charger in your garage. At Safe Electric, we’ve put together all of the information you need to start the process of getting your own EV charger in your home. You have come to the right place to learn more about EV charger installation near you.

EV Charging Installation in Central Ohio

EV Charger Installation Columbus, OH

If you are looking for EV charger installation in Columbus, OH, you want to find an electrical company that is going to take care of you. You need honest advice about any electrical modifications that need to be done in your home and you need someone who is always going to take your safety into consideration during the process. We are careful about keeping your home up to code whether we are doing an outlet installation or putting in brand new wiring. There is a reason those codes are in place, so we don’t skip steps when we’re working in your home. 

What Type of EV Charger Do You Need?


Level 1 Chargers

When you bought your car, it most likely came with a Level 1 charger. These chargers charge the car slowly, and while a slow charge is good for the battery, not many people have the time to wait 20 hours for the car to charge. All you need to charge with a Level 1 charger is a 120V outlet in your garage and lots of time, but if you’re here, you’re probably looking for something a little more.

Level 2 Chargers

A Level 2 charger is what we recommend having installed in most cases. It uses a 240V volt outlet, and it can charge from 0% to 100% in around 10 hours. Since most electric vehicle manufacturers recommend only charging the car to around 75%-80% anyways for the health of the battery, this means your car can be sufficiently charged while you sleep. 

Level 3 Chargers

Level 3 chargers can give your car a full charge in half the time, but most homes don’t use them, and they aren’t even allowed in most residential areas because of the electrical service needed. Level 3, or DCFC charging stations, are usually found in commercial areas. Unless you have a very special case, a Level 2 EV charger will be the one to choose. 



Do You Need to Be an Electrician to Install an EV Charger?

The short answer to this question is “yes,” EV chargers are best installed by an electrician. This is because few homes already come equipped with everything that’s needed to install the charger. Most homes don’t have a 240V outlet in the garage and there may be other modifications needed such as a new electrical panel. Electrical installations in general can be dangerous if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, so contacting an electrician is always the best option. 

Will I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

If your electrical panel is already taking on as much as it can handle, you won’t be able to move forward with your EV charger installation in Columbus, OH until you have upgraded your electrical panel. Most homes need a 200-amp service to safely install a charger. It is the same situation for other major additions such as hot tubs or a new HVAC system. When you call us for installation services, the first thing we’ll do is take a look at your electrical system and see if you need a panel upgrade. 

If you are seeing signs in your home that your panel is already maxed out such as flickering lights or tripping breakers, you can be sure that we’ll recommend an upgrade. Upgrades can make a lot of things in your home safer so installing an EV charger might also be a good excuse to make your electrical system more modern and convenient. 

Reliable EV Charger Installation Columbus, OH

When you have your own charger in your garage, life can get a lot easier. You won’t have to wait in line anymore for gas, and you’ll be paying a lot less to keep your car running. All you need is a company that is going to come alongside you with EV charger installation near Columbus, OH. 

At Safe Electric, we have installed countless chargers in the area. We have upfront pricing so you’ll know how much your installation is going to cost before we start, and we will never add in hidden or surprise costs. We have friendly service that keeps you in mind every step of the way. Your installer will always be on time, clean, and kind, and will arrive in a truck that is stocked with everything needed for the installation. 

If you are ready to take the next step and install a charger, we’re excited to help! We have financing options that can make the installation a reality. Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with an appointment. 

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