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Electrical Services in Columbus, Ohio

When you need electrical service, call the Columbus electrician who has your safety and satisfaction in mind. Safe Electric wants to be your go-to source for professional electrical services of all types. We are a family-oriented company who offers you honest service, honest prices, and honest advice.

Our primary focus during all the electrical services we assist you with is to make sure your electrical system stays safe. While this may mean, that as a company, we invest in the latest testing tools and equipment, hiring qualified electricians, and making sure we have plenty of parts on-hand, it’s all just part of doing our job right.

What to Expect On A Service Call

Electrician repairing outlet


If you have outlets that don’t work, lights that flicker, hear a popping or sizzling sound or have any other problem, give our Columbus electricians a call for electrical repairs. Faulty wiring is the #1 cause of house fires, so don’t take any chances if you believe you need electrical repairs. Just call Safe Electric for an assessment and estimate. We are the local expert in repairing outlets, switches, wiring, and other electrical systems.
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electrician testing electrical


Electrical inspections are an important service that you don’t want to put off if you expect your home’s electrical system to stay safe. If you haven’t hired a qualified Columbus electrician to perform an electrical inspection over the last five to seven years, it’s time to take care of this maintenance. Our master electrician at Safe Electric can assist you with an electrical inspection of your home. We also offer other services to meet your needs.
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Electrician testing panel


Panel upgrades prevent problems before they can happen, the most concerning of which are house fires, electric shock, damaged heavy appliances, and entire circuits of damaged wiring. Has it been a while since you’ve asked a qualified electrician to take a look at your panel for a possible upgrade? We would be happy to assess your home’s electrical panel, test the wiring loads, and offer you our honest advice. Be safe, call our electricians today.
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Surge protection label


After installation, a whole house surge protection system will protect all your expensive electronics such as your home computers, charging devices, television, modem, routers, table lamps, and more. They also protect expensive appliances like your washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, hot tub, pool equipment, and HVAC system. Whole House surge protection will also help you to avoid expensive electrical repairs caused by power surges.
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hanging on lights


As your local electrical contractor, we offer a full line of lighting services including upgrades, retrofits, replacements, and new installations. Our team consists of highly skilled electricians who have many years of experience in the residential service industry. Whether we are replacing lights due to an electrical surge or helping you to install new fixtures for remodeling, you can count on receiving our high-quality workmanship.
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Electrical breakers


The trained electricians at Safe Electric are experienced in repairing electrical components such as arc fault breakers, or arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs). The arc fault breakers in Columbus homes are designed to prevent electrical fires by identifying and eliminating dangerous arcing conditions before fire hazards develop. Although they’re an excellent invention, arc fault breakers aren’t foolproof, and they experience problems that require electrical repairs from a skilled electrician.
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