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Electrical Panel Replacement & Installation in Columbus, OH

Having a working electrical system is crucial for homeowners these days. Nothing works without electricity at this point. Even gas-powered furnaces and appliances require electricity on some level. At the heart of all home electrical systems are electrical panels. If they’re not in working order, the entire system could break down.

If you’re experiencing electrical issues, the panel could be to blame. That means you need expert electrical panel replacement & installation services. At Safe Electric, we’re here to serve. Contact us at (614)267-4111 to schedule a service appointment, and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Electrical Panel Replacement & Installation

Reasons You May Need Electrical Panel Replacement & Installation Services

For newly built homes, having an electrical system properly installed and ensuring it’s working safely is a top priority. Few things could be more disappointing than moving into your custom dream home only to find that it has electrical issues right from the start. Our team offers residential electrical panel, wiring, and fixture installation services to get you off on the right foot.

Of course, new builds are only one situation in which Columbus, OH, residents may need our expert services. Several other instances also enter the mix. Consider the following signs that it may be time for electrical panel replacement & installation services. 

Home Additions and Improvements

Electrical panel services are often necessary when carrying out home improvement projects. Anytime a person expands a home, it’s going to put excess strain on the existing electrical panel. The panel may not be able to handle the extra load. That may warrant an electrical panel upgrade.

That’s also the case when having new fixtures installed, such as hot tubs, swimming pools, and secondary air conditioning systems. If you run electricity from your home to a workshop or storage building, you may need a new electrical subpanel installed. For home improvements and additions, contact us for an evaluation. We can determine if you need electrical panel replacement & installation services for your projects. 

New Outlet and Lighting Installation

Quite a few Columbus, OH, residents find that they don’t have enough electrical outlets to meet their family’s needs. After all, as families grow, their demands are going to change. New devices and appliances are bound to be accumulated over time, too. We can install extra outlets to meet everyone’s needs and upgrade your main electrical panel to support the added load. 

Additionally, people’s lighting needs evolve over time. Perhaps your existing lighting is out of date. Maybe it’s just too dark in your home, and you’d like to bridge the gap. In either instance, you may need a new electrical panel box installed along with the additional lighting to ensure it works safely and properly.

Tripping Breakers

Tripping breakers are surefire signs that electrical panel replacement is in order. When breakers frequently trip, it’s a sign of trouble. Hidden damage could be hampering the electrical system, or devices and appliances may be drawing too much electricity for the system to handle. You may need an electrical panel upgrade to remedy the problem.

Granted, flipping a tripped breaker back on isn’t overly difficult. It only takes a few seconds and minimal effort. Simply ignoring the problem could be placing your family in danger, though. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Contact us for electrical panel replacement & installation as soon as possible.

Overheating Main Electrical Panel

Does your electrical panel box feel warm to the touch or smell like it’s burning? Have you noticed smoke coming from it? Does it have black marks on it that shouldn’t be there? Any of those issues are indications that your residential electrical panel is overheating, even if you’re not experiencing other problems. Don’t wait until other issues follow; contact us right away for electrical panel services.

Dimming Lights

Do the lights in your home dim or flicker when the air conditioner or refrigerator comes on? If so, that’s another sign you may need a new electrical panel box. In some cases, having an electrical subpanel installed may be a better option. Appliances shouldn’t place so much of a strain on a home’s electrical system they cause the lights to dim. 

How Old Is Your Electrical Panel?

Do you know how old your electrical panel is? If it’s more than 20 years old or you aren’t sure when it was installed, consider electrical panel replacement. Older panels weren’t designed to handle the electrical needs of today’s families. Furthermore, they wear out over time. If you’re relying on an older system, the time has come for electrical panel replacement & installation services. 

Columbus, OH’s Foremost Electrical Panel Replacement & Installation Team

If you’re ready for electrical panel replacement & installation services, we’re the team for the job. At Safe Electric, our electricians are fully licensed and certified, and they have extensive experience. On top of that, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Call us at (614) 267-4111 or fill out the form on our website to schedule a consultation or service appointment.

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