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Electrician in New Albany, OH


Every homeowner works hard to keep their homes safe and comfortable for their family. Often, a homeowner will make repairs to their home themselves. These DIY projects can save homeowners significantly and keep their homes maintained. Unfortunately, not all repairs can be DIY.

Electrical repairs should only be performed by a trained electrician in New Albany, OH. These professionals are trained and experienced in the proper skills needed to properly make electrical repairs and installations safely. Improper electrical work can pose risks of electrical shock or even leave the home vulnerable to fire and other issues. When the home needs electrical work done, always contact an electrician near you, contact Safe Electric.

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Electrical Repairs and Installations

From time to time, electrical issues occur in a home. These are often noted by flickering lights, damaged outlets, or even a light switch that doesn’t work. Sometimes, homes just need an addition to meet their electrical needs. New lights or outlets can help create areas where work or school projects can be performed. Other additions can help make a home more comfortable. When having this work done, it is important to hire an electrician near New Albany, OH, to get the work done right.

Outlets and Switches

Whether an old outlet or switch has gone bad or the home simply needs additional outlets or switches for convenience, a professional contractor can handle the job. A new outlet can ensure new electronics have a place to power up. Smart light switches or even dimmer switches can provide additional convenience and efficiency to a home.


Some homes do not have enough lighting installed to provide the illumination needed throughout the day. Many older homes do not have ceiling lights in the living room. This lack of lighting can leave homeowners dependent on bulky lamps that do not provide enough light for the room. Fortunately, an electrical contractor can safely install new lighting anywhere in the home.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can help circulate the air in the home to maintain an even temperature throughout. This circulation can help minimize the need to run the heating and cooling systems throughout the year due to the more efficient cycling of temperatures. An electrician can provide the installation of ceiling fans throughout the home to increase its efficiency.

Smoke Detectors

Many homes have battery-powered smoke detectors. Unfortunately, these homeowners often forget to change the batteries regularly or take out the batteries when the annoying beeping starts. Without a charged battery, these detectors cannot alert homeowners of a fire. An electrician in New Albany, OH, can install smoke detectors directly to the electricity to ensure they are powered whenever they are needed.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel of the home provides the direction of power to the various areas of the house. It allows for specific amounts of current to where it is needed. There is also a breaker to cut off the power if there is a power surge on that line. An electrician is able to help with the various aspects of the electrical panel.


As a home’s electrical needs change, it may need an upgrade to its electrical panel. Whether installing new appliances, adding rooms to the home, or adding an EV charging station, upgrades to the home’s electrical panel are often necessary to support these changes.


Sometimes, there are faults in the electrical panel. Sometimes, the electrical panel is outdated or no longer supported by local codes. When this occurs, homeowners must replace the panel to provide safer control for their home’s electricity.

Electrical Inspections

When buying a home, an electrical inspection is always recommended. However, it is not the only time a home should be inspected. Codes and safety regulations change from time to time. It is a good idea to have a home inspected by a licensed electrician near Albany, OH.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

At the first sign of an electrical problem, it is important to contact a trained electrician as soon as possible. Flickering lights, broken outlets, or repeatedly blown breakers can be a sign of a serious electrical problem. An electrician can inspect the home and determine the cause of the problem and find the best solution for the homeowner.

Wiring Services

Loose connections, faulty wiring, and even rodent damage to lines can be very dangerous. Contacting a professional electrician is the best solution for this problem. The technician can remove any damaged wiring and replace it with safe and new lines to keep the home powered safely.

EV Charger Installation

With many people changing over to electric vehicles, it only makes sense that these individuals want to be able to charge their cars in their own homes. Fortunately, some local contractors are able to install an EV charger in the home. Often, these units require an upgrade to the electrical panel. Fortunately, the best electricians at Safe Electric can handle this job with ease.

Emergency Electrician in New Albany, OH

There are times when an electrician is needed for an emergency issue. Power losses, fire hazards, and even flooding may require immediate electrical repair. Fortunately, our residential electricians are ready and available to help homeowners during these difficult times.

Whole Home Surge Protection

A power surge can wreak havoc throughout a home. Without the proper protection, even the top electronic devices can become worthless. Fortunately, our company can provide a local repairman to help install whole home surge protection. This protection will keep all the electrical devices in the home safe from unexpected surges in electricity.

Contact a Professional Electrician in New Albany, OH

At Safe Electric, our team understands the difficulties homeowners face and the budget concerns they may have when hiring an electrician. Due to these issues, our electricians strive to find the best solution to meet the needs of our customers and keep their homes safe. For more information about our services or to schedule an electrician, give Safe Electric a call.

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