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Electrician in Dublin, OH

What traits do you look for in a Dublin electrical contractor for your home? Safe Electric LLC wants to make certain that you take this topic seriously because your safety and the well-being of your loved ones depends on it.

As a local leading Dublin electrical contractor, we know there is no room for risk or error in this line of work. So much is riding on the installation, repairs and inspection work we do.

Did you know that faulty wiring is the leading cause of house fires? The good news is that we can partner with you to get the work completed that you need so your household is at low risk of suffering these kinds of damages.

If you need the best electrician in Dublin, OH, call us at 614-267-4111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you with all your needs.

Safeguarding Your Dublin Home with Electrical Inspections

We encourage all Dublin homeowners to hire a reputable electrical contractor for regular electrical inspections. Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t only have to worry about this type of inspection work when you have an older home.

Electrician repairing power outlet

Here are some instances when you should consider getting your electrical system inspected:

  • Once your home is over 40 years old, regular electrical inspections are a good idea. Plan on having things looked at once a year to keep your home safe.
  • If you are remodeling or planning on any renovations, get that electrical system checked out. This is important to do before the work begins to make sure your current system can handle the extra load. It should also be inspected once the work is completed in order to be certain it was carried out 100% correctly.
  • Looking to buy a new major appliance? Adding a new appliance should warrant having your electrical system inspected. Better to make sure ahead of time if your system can handle it than find out the hard way that it can’t.
  • Maybe you’d just like to cut your costs for your utilities each month. Getting an assessment of how to better use your electrical supply helps. Plus, it lets a professional spot any existing issues that need tweaking or repairs. Once these are completed, you may have a more energy-efficient electrical system.

Make the smart call to Safe Electric LLC today, for all of your Dublin electrical contractor tasks.


Electrical Repairs and Installations

Who do you lean on when you need professional electrical services? Have you found an Electrician near Dublin, OH who cares more about your safety than getting the job done quickly? At Safe Electric, your safety is our top priority. Whether we are installing everything in your entire electrical system or just making a small repair, we work meticulously to get it done right. We are a licensed and professional electrical contractor that is ready to work for you!


Outlet and Switch Repair and installations

If you have good outlets and switches, you can use them every day without giving them much thought. But as soon as a switch starts sticking or an outlet starts being unreliable, it can be an annoyance in your day. All you need is for an electrician in Dublin, OH to come and do a little work. We install and repair all types of switches and outlets. 


Ceiling Fan Installation

If you need a ceiling fan installed, you should look for an electrician near you. When a ceiling fan is installed incorrectly, it could be wobbly, have electrical problems, or even be in danger of falling from the ceiling. We’ll get it done right so that you can enjoy cool and refreshing air.


Smoke Detector Installation

How long has it been since you had your smoke detectors updated? Smoke detectors have an expiration date and they should be changed out every ten years or so. Just because it still beeps when you test it doesn’t always mean it will protect you. We can install both hardwired and battery-powered smoke detectors


Arc Fault Breaker Repair and Installation

When a power surge trips your circuit breaker panel, it’s protecting your home from powerful bursts of electricity But an arc is too slow and small for your panel to recognize. That’s why you need a reliable arc fault breaker. They’ll protect you from arcs that often come from faulty electrical connections that can be a hidden fire danger in your walls.


Electrical Mast Repair and Installation

When you get a powerful wind storm that has knocked down power lines and caused falling branches, your electrical mast may have gotten damaged. If you’ve noticed damage on your service mast or if you need a new one installed, our company can take care of it. 


Electrical Panel Services

You would be surprised at how many of the little electrical problems in your home might be more serious than you think. Flickering lights, for example, could be a sign that your electrical panel needs to be replaced or upgraded. We are always happy to come and check your electrical panel to make sure it’s still working properly and handling your electrical load. 


Electrical Panel Upgrades

All of the new electrical devices that you’ve purchased for your home in the past decade might not seem like a lot, but to your electrical panel, they can be significant. Every time you plug a new device in, you’re putting more strain on your panel. Eventually, you’ll need an upgrade so your panel can keep up. Residential panel upgrades are part of our services in Dublin. 


Electrical Panel Replacements

Some homes still have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker. In these situations, we recommend a replacement. While fuse boxes are technically safe, there’s more room for error and they aren’t as convenient as a breaker panel. You can also call us for replacements if your panel is old, it’s an unsafe model, or it is having problems. 


Electrical Service Upgrades

Are you trying to run everything in your home on 100 amps? No wonder your lights are flickering and your breaker keeps tripping! We can fix the problem by upgrading your service. We offer the best upgrades in Dublin because we take the time to understand your situation. We’ll ask you about any purchases or additions you plan to do in the next few years and we’ll find a service that will meet all of your needs without extending your budget. 


Electric Meter Upgrades

When you upgrade your service, you’ll need to upgrade your meter, too. We can do it all at the same time to make it as easy as possible for you. We’re also happy to repair or replace your meter if it’s broken or your energy bill has suddenly skyrocketed. 


Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

Sometimes there isn’t an easy answer for your electrical problems. But our electricians in Dublin, OH know how to quickly find the root of the problem and get it fixed. Our troubleshooting and diagnosis services are available whenever you need them.


Electrical Wiring Services

Every wire and every connection in your home needs to be installed correctly. If not, you could be putting your house at risk. We take this seriously whether we are repairing a faulty connection, or installing new wiring. We want to do it right because there is a lot at stake.


EV Charger Installation

It can be amazing to have a car that doesn’t need to be filled up with gas every week. But if you are still having to wait in line at your local charging station, you won’t get the full benefit. You can solve this problem by having us install a charger in your garage. You’ll get a full charge while you sleep and wake up with a car that’s ready to go.


Emergency Electrician Dublin, OH

When you smell smoke, you have flooding in your basement, or you are seeing big white sparks jump out of your outlets when you plug something in, you have an electrical emergency on your hands. We know the risk so our repairmen will get there fast when you call for emergency services. 


Lighting Installation

Are you tired of rooms that are too dark or lighting that hurts your eyes? It’s time to upgrade the lighting in your home. Our local residential electricians aren’t just good at installation. They’re also good at helping you to design attractive and efficient lighting solutions. You can call on us for lighting installations in your area.


Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is a unique challenge. You want lights that look natural, last a long time, and won’t run up your energy bill. LED lighting is not only more efficient but is also widely available and much cheaper than it used to be. There are lots of great options that will make you feel like you are bringing sunshine indoors. We’ll help you make perfect choices for your space.


Outdoor Lighting

If you’ve been considering adding security lighting or path lighting to your yard, we can take care of the installation. Just let us know what your goal is. Do you want to deter trespassing, or do you want your yard to look more attractive at night? We can work from there. 


Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

You might know about big power surges that come from lightning strikes or power outages. But you may not know about the dozens of smaller surges that can happen randomly and every time you turn on a new appliance. These can cause less noticeable damage to your devices. It may be the reason that you’re having to replace your computer every 5 years. Whole-home surge protection guards against big and small surges. 


Your Trusted Electrician Dublin, OH

While you search for an electrician in Dublin, OH, make sure you listen to your friends and neighbors. We’ve helped countless families in Dublin and we’ve built a reputation for kindness, fairness, and quality services. Contact us today if you need more information on our electrical repairs and installations. 

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