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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Home’s Electrical Systems

How often do I need an electrical inspection?

Good question because electrical inspections are highly important for the safety of your Columbus home’s electrical system. If you own your home, ask your electrician for an electrical inspection after any problems you notice as well as once every 7 years after that.

If you rent out your home, you’ll need an electrical inspection every 5 years to be sure no damage or alterations were done to the wiring or other components.

Why would I want an LED retrofit when I can just use LED light bulbs in my light fixtures?

LED light bulbs will offer you some energy savings over incandescent light bulbs. An LED retrofit replaces the light fixture with one that is made to support LED light bulbs.

Replacing the standard light fixtures with LED is the configuration that will offer significant energy savings for your Columbus home. Don’t be fooled by percentage claims of energy-savings with LED bulbs because it matters what type of fixture they are plugged into.

What could be causing my breaker to keep tripping when I use my toaster oven in the kitchen?

It may seem unlikely that a small appliance like a toaster oven could trip a breaker, but it’s not all that uncommon with overloads. Your toaster is plugged into an outlet that is supported by the circuit that leads to the breaker. Using just one extra device can overload the circuit enough to trip the breaker.

You’ll need a Columbus electrician to test the circuit for damage, or you may need a panel upgrade. Give us a call and we’ll troubleshoot the issue for you.

My GFI outlet won’t reset, what can be wrong?

GFI outlets can trip over and over again. If the outlet is resetting and not re-tripping, it’s most likely that the outlet is bad and needs to be replaced. However, that’s not always the case. If the GFI outlet was made after 2002 and the outlet is not receiving the correct amount of power, it won’t reset. It’s best to call an electrician to test for both of these issues as well as a mechanical problem inside the outlet.

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