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Whole House Generator Installation in Columbus OH

Never Lose Power again!  Ask Safe Electric how to make this a reality.  Safe Electric is your Safest bet when choosing a certified Generac Dealer. 

Safe Electric is your ONE stop Whole Home Generator provider.

Your home is your most significant investment. A whole home generator will provide SAFETY, SECURITY and CONVENIENCE when unexpected circumstances arise.

Are you ready for an emergency resulting in power loss? Without a generator, your family might be left completely in the dark. If the guide below doesn’t tell you enough about whole-house generator installation in Columbus OH, we can help. Call Safe Electric LLC to schedule a consultation.



87,000 Columbus residences were without power during a single outage in 2022. Ask how we can prevent you from EVER losing power to your home!

Importance of Hiring Safe Electric Electricians for your Generator Installation

A whole-home generator is a major investment and should not be installed yourself. Doing so can cost you thousands, ruin the system and void the warranty. The best approach is to contact Safe Electric. Our licensed electricians can safely and efficiently install your generator, ensuring that your family is ready for the next outage.

Portable Generators vs. Whole House Generators: What’s the Difference?

When most of us think of generators, we typically think of the kind used in garages and campsites. While they both produce backup power, whole house generators, also known as standby generators, are a bit different from the portable variety.

A whole house generator installation in Columbus OH is done permanently while portable generators are easily moved. Standby generator wiring is connected to the home’s electrical system, while portable models run off propane or gasoline. A standby generator turns on automatically when the power goes out, while a portable generator must be turned on manually. 


How A Home Generator Works

Much like a car’s engine, a home generator converts diesel, gasoline, or natural gas into energy with the help of a powerful battery. When a power outage occurs, a home generator installation near Columbus OH allows users to access stored power, keeping the lights on until service is restored. A standby generator may keep your freezer, refrigerator, lights, stove, fans, and AC running, which will keep your family comfortable. Whole house generator installation in Columbus OH may help in situations such as:

  • Blackouts. Temperature fluctuations may prevent power grids from generating enough power to meet users’ demands.
  • Bad weather. Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, snowstorms, and winds may damage transformers and power lines.
  • Animal damage. Next to severe weather, the destruction of equipment by wild animals is the second most common cause of power outages
  • Disasters. Floods, fires, and earthquakes cause power outages for tens of thousands of people every year. 
  • Car collisions. When vehicles encounter power poles, it may damage equipment and cause service interruptions.

Home generators are usually powered by propane or natural gas, using transfer switches to turn on automatically in the event of an outage. While it’s a big investment, home generator installation near Columbus OH brings an invaluable level of reassurance.

Whole Home Generator Installation in Columbus OH Offers Numerous Benefits

For some families, continued power is essential. Some need to keep special medical equipment running, while others have health conditions that require cool, constant temperatures. In these situations, portable generators simply won’t do—but home generator wiring will provide the power your family needs. A whole house generator installation in Columbus OH will:

  • Keep the lights on
  • Keep your home climate controlled
  • Keep food in the refrigerator and freezer from spoiling
  • Keep the water hot for laundry and showers
  • Provide the ability to cook hot meals
  • Allow users to charge phones, laptops, and tablets so they can stay connected
  • Keep Necessary medical equipment running 


If you’re considering generator wiring or home generator installation near Columbus OH, let us give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Click or call today to schedule a visit from a friendly, professional, and licensed electrician in your area.


The Right Generator for Every Home

When planning a whole house generator installation in Columbus OH, families need to calculate their power needs precisely so the generators they choose will adequately power their equipment, appliances, and electronics. 

Whole home generators are available in several outputs, ranging from 14 to 22 kilowatts and beyond. With our many years of experience providing and installing home generators, we can ensure that every family gets what they need.


Let Us Help You Choose the Right Standby Generator for Your Home and Family

If you need a whole house generator that turns on when the lights go off, we can help. Regardless of your power needs, it’s important to have a standby generator installed by a licensed, qualified electrician. Generator wiring and installation are complex processes, and we have the tools, equipment, and experience to do the job right the first time.


Get In Touch With Us

The trained, licensed, and professional electricians at Safe Electric LLC are home generator specialists. Consistent, uninterrupted power during outages will keep appliances, HVAC systems, and devices running. Don’t let an emergency leave you without power; contact us today to learn how home generator installation in Columbus OH can make your home safer and more comfortable. Request additional information online or call us now. We look forward to helping you keep the lights on!


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