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Electrician in Hilliard, OH

Don’t take chances when it comes to the quality of work you get from your Hilliard electrical contractor. Ask around and other locals will tell you that Safe Electric LLC is the company to trust.

When it comes to Hilliard electrical contractors, safety really is the top priority and our name says it all! We deliver superior workmanship and results but, above all else, it’s about the safety precautions we take.

One of the top reasons we want to earn your business, as well as your trust, is because you deserve to know your electrical work will keep your home safe. We have you and your family in mind and provide you with the level of expert workmanship you deserve.

Best Quality Electrical Repairs in Hilliard

There are a number of different types of electrical repairs that you may need to be taken care of. Some examples of common red flags that mean you need to contact a Hilliard electrical contractor and pronto include:

Electrician working on outdoor power box
  • Flickering Lights – It’s a common misconception to think that flickering lights are no big deal. Yet, this is a big red flag because it means something is amiss inside your walls or ceilings. It’s a good idea to discontinue use until you let a trained and experienced pro take a look.
  • Damaged Outlets – The number of homes currently working around an outlet that doesn’t work is staggering. Sure, maybe you have another outlet that works for what you need but that dead outlet still needs to be checked out. This is another sign that something is seriously wrong in your walls and should be addressed in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Dead Light Switch – The same thing seems to go commonly for light switches. Homeowners ignore the fact that they have a light switch that is not functioning, while also ignoring the fact that this could mean great danger. Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to your home and your electrical system.

Know what you’re getting when you hire someone to take care of anything this important for your home. One seemingly small mistake can cause all kinds of problems.

Trust us and give us a call when you want quality results from a Hillard electrical contractor. The work we do will meet and exceed your expectations.


Electrical Installations in Hilliard, OH

Even simple tasks like adding a new light fixture or installing a new outlet can be a massive task if you don’t have the experience of an electrician in Hilliard, OH. That’s why, when you need something installed, trust a licensed contractor to get the job done. We can install anything from wiring to a new ceiling fan. Our installations are centered on quality and safety so you know you are always getting the top services in your area. Here are a few of the installation services we offer


Outlets and Switches

Without outlets and switches, you couldn’t even turn on your lights or charge your phone. At Safe Electric, we don’t just want you to have access to your electricity, we want you to be able to use it safely and without fear. We can even help you save energy by installing dimmer switches, smart switches, and more. 


Ceiling Fan Services

Did you know that a ceiling fan can help you raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat by two or three degrees? If you want to use less energy and stay comfortable at the same time, we can install a ceiling fan anywhere in your home. 


Service Mast Services

A service mast is the pole that comes out of your roof and connects to the external power lines. Without your service mast, you wouldn’t be able to get access to electricity. We can install electric masts or repair them if they’ve been damaged by falling debris or high winds.  


Smoke Detectors

We want every home in Hilliard to have the highest level of safety. For us, that means installing interconnecting smoke detectors. You’ll know there’s a fire no matter where you are in your home. We can hardwire smoke detectors and make sure your house is up to code.


Arc Fault Breakers

New homes in the area are all installed with arc fault breakers (or AFCI circuit breakers.) An arc fault can create hot spots on your wiring, leading to a fire hazard. Arc fault breakers trip the panel before this happens. If you have an older home, installing an AFCI circuit breaker will bring your home up to code and make you a little safer. 


Electrical Panel Services

Your electrical panel tells any incoming electricity where to go. It also cuts off power if there are any surges. If you are having trouble with your panel, you can call a repairman from Safe Electric to troubleshoot the issue. Common signs of a failing breaker are frequently tripping circuits, a panel that’s warm to the touch, or flickering lights. 


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels need to be upgraded when they aren’t keeping up with the electrical load anymore. One hint that you might need an upgrade is if you find yourself using extension cords and power strips to be able to plug in all of your devices. You’ll also be dealing with tripping breakers more often. We can upgrade your panel to something with plenty of room to grow.


Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical panels can last anywhere from 25 to 40 years. However, some panels should be replaced no matter their age because of safety issues. You can ask your electrician if you have a Zinsco pane or a Federal Pacific Electric panel. If the answer is “yes”, consider a replacement.


Electrical Inspection Services in Hilliard, OH

During your electrical inspection, an electrician from Hilliard, OH will check your wiring, electrical panel, and more to check that everything is safe. We can check for code violations, and we also provide the best pre-sale or pre-purchase reports in the area.  


Electrical Service Upgrades

If you are thinking about installing a brand new hot tub or adding on another bedroom, you may need an electrical service upgrade. Homes can need anywhere from 100 to 400 amps to run their heating and cooling systems, washer and dryer, lighting, and other electrical appliances and devices. You can ask your electrician what they recommend for your service upgrade. 


Electric Meter Services

When you upgrade your service, you’ll also need to upgrade your meter. We provide comprehensive services so nothing will get missed when you call us for installations.


Electrical Troubleshooting

When your lights are flickering, it could be a problem with the light bulb, the light fixture, the wiring, or your electrical panel. How do you know which? You can try replacing the light bulb, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time to call us for troubleshooting and diagnostic services.


Electrical Wiring Repairs and Installations

Loose connections and faulty wiring can be incredibly dangerous. If there are any problems with your wiring, we can repair them. In some cases, we’ll recommend a replacement. We’re also the best choice if you need an electrician near Hilliard, OH to wire your new home.


EV Charger Installations

You might be happy with the charger that came with your electric vehicle. However, most people want to charge their vehicles completely overnight without having to find an EV charging station somewhere around town. We will install your charging station in your garage or even outside for fast charging. 


Emergency Electrician Hilliard, OH

If you have a trusted electrician near you, you won’t have to worry about emergency electrical problems. You’ll always have a team of professional electricians ready to take your call. At Safe Electric, we offer emergency services for power loss, fire hazards, flooding near electrical systems, and more.


Lighting Installation

While almost anyone can change a lightbulb, it takes an electrician to retrofit or install residential lighting systems. We are your local company for indoor and outdoor lighting installations and replacement.


Indoor Lighting

Have you been thinking about upgrading to LED recessed lighting in your kitchen, living room, or shower? Or are you looking to finally get rid of your old floor lamps and put fixtures in? We can help plan and install indoor lighting. 


Outdoor Lighting

You can change the whole mood of your home by adding outdoor lamps. Installing security lighting and other types of outdoor illumination can also make your yard safer to walk in and more secure. Call us for outdoor lighting services.


Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

If you’ve ever had a power surge damage an electrical device, you’ll know how important it is to protect your home. With our professional whole-home surge protection services, all of your devices will be protected from big and small power surges. 


Your Local Electrician Hilliard, OH

When you need electrical repairs, inspections, or installations, call on your nearby electrician in Hilliard, OH! We offer financing to help you get electrical services when you need them. Contact us today!

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