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Electrical Installation in Columbus, OH

Safe Electric has been providing a full range of electrical installation services in the Columbus, OH, area since 1994. We are proud to fully guarantee all of our work because we never hire third-party contractors. Our team members are fully vetted; drug screened, background checked and highly trained. Safe Electric is licensed and bonded in the state of Ohio, and qualified to provide the top-notch electrical work you need and deserve

From residential electrical repair services and upgrades, count on us for all your electrical installation and maintenance services in Columbus.

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Electrical Installation in Columbus, OH

At Safe Electric, we offer comprehensive electrical installation services at fair, competitive prices. No project is too big or too small for our team.

Electricity can be deadly. That’s why all electrical repairs and installations should be completed by professionals who’ve been fully trained to work with electrical systems safely.

Don’t hesitate to call our office for all of your electrical needs, including the services listed below.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels provide and maintain the flow of electricity to your home. They are like the command center for the power that keeps your appliances and devices working. If the panel is outdated or damaged, your home won’t run as efficiently or as safely as it should. It could even cause inaccurate readings on your electrical meters.

We are the perfect local electrician to turn to for panel upgrades. If you’re planning a major renovation, looking to add amenities that pull a lot of power like a hot tub, or car charger, or if you’ve noticed problems such as flickering lights or circuits that frequently trip, call us for a complete evaluation of the circuit box. We can repair or install a new panel box that provides the power your household needs.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans and new light fixtures can be more complicated to install than you might think. And incorrect installation can lead to a host of problems, like being improperly wired or harnessed that could lead to electrical fires. Don’t chance it. Leave those electrical wiring projects to a professional company.

We’ll have your ceiling fan installed and working in no time, and you won’t have to spend your Saturday teetering on a ladder, wishing you’d called a professional electrician.

Smoke Alarms

Do you know where smoke alarms should be located and how many you need to protect your family’s safety? Our pros do. Call us to install smoke alarms, Co2 detectors, and other safety devices in your home.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your safety devices have been properly placed and are working as they should.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Power surges happen for a wide range of reasons, and they can be costly. Expensive appliances and devices such as computers, air conditioning units, or refrigerators can all be damaged by a power surge.

By providing a pressure-relief valve for your home’s electrical system, a whole-home surge protector diverts surges so the extra power can’t damage your home or the appliances inside.

We recommend whole-home surge protectors to many of their customers in Columbus, OH, with high-end electronics that need protection.

Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers, also known as arc fault circuit interrupters, help prevent electric fires by identifying dangerous conditions before they can cause a problem. They are typically installed in bedroom lighting or power circuits that only an experienced electrician would access.

Arc fault breakers can distinguish the difference between normal arcing conditions and dangerous ones that cause heat intense enough to start a fire.

Does your Columbus, OH, home have arc fault breakers that have been properly installed and maintained? If not, or if you’re not sure, call us today for a complete safety check.

Outlets and Switches

Does your home still have two-pronged outlets? Outdated electrical outlets and switches can be a safety hazard, especially around water sources like sinks and bathtubs.

If you’re using extension cords to make your home function or can’t use a light because the switch doesn’t work, call us in Columbus, OH, today for electrical repair services.

We’ll make sure all of the switches and outlets in your home are working properly and safely. And we’ll always provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees, no matter how big or small the job is.

Benefits of Electrical Wiring Installation

When you work with our team, you get the benefit of decades of experience. Every electrician is fully qualified, licensed, and vetted. We take your safety seriously and we take the safety of our team members seriously too. After all, we’re like one big family.

Our electricians are committed to providing excellent customer service, and our StraightForward pricing model means you’ll never be hit with hidden fees or expensive surprises. And we won’t keep you waiting all day either. We arrive on time with a fully-stocked service truck ready to go to work.

Call Us for Electrical Installation Near Columbus, OH

Whether you need a new electrical meter, a whole-home surge protector, or complete electrical installation, we invite you to reach out to our locally owned company, Safe Electric in Columbus, OH. Don’t keep searching for “electrical installation near me.” Call us today!

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