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You have just installed an OLED 72-inch TV in anticipation of your alma mater’s weekend homecoming game. Friday night, a major electrical storm passes through, temporarily zapping out the power. You guessed it. Your new TV is toast (literally). Unfortunately, this type of scenario (although hopefully less costly) is far too common. Many homeowners lose valuable electronics such as TVs, tablets, and other devices to power surges. Power surges don’t always need to be caused by storms. Something as simple as an appliance cycling can cause issues with more delicate electronics. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to protect their possessions with the right surge protection.

As the name indicates, a power surge is a sudden spike in voltage. Even though it lasts for a split second, it can do major damage. Before you research surge protectors, make sure you know the difference between a surge protector and a power strip. A power strip is an extension of an electrical outlet. Plug the power strip into the outlet and you can plug several devices into the power strip. A surge protector also plugs into the wall outlet and can accommodate several devices, but the difference is that the surge protector blocks sudden increases in power to affect your devices. They are powered by an on/off switch while a power strip isn’t.

Some homeowners don’t like the aesthetics of having multiple wall plug-ins and may be reluctant to use surge protectors. Did you know that whole-home surge protectors are available to protect every outlet in your house? A whole-home system will protect all your appliances, lighting fixtures, devices, and more. If you live in an area where there are lots of summer storms, a system that offers protection against lightning strikes would be beneficial. Excess voltage is safely diverted to the ground and can save homeowners thousands of dollars in damages and replacement costs.

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