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Your circuit breaker panel controls the flow of electricity into the home. When something goes wrong with the panel, you may wonder whether you should repair or upgrade the electrical panel. Call Safe Electric for help in determining which is the best option for your home.

Panel repairs suffice at times. However, situations arise where you need an electrical panel replacement. Our electrician helps you determine which solution is best for your needs, and they explain why they believe this is the case.

How Do I Know If My Electrical Panel Needs to be Upgraded?

Anytime a problem arises with your circuit breaker box, call us. We may need to replace the main breaker or do a circuit breaker upgrade.

Although the average homeowner can replace a fuse, this does not mean you should do it. You won’t be able to identify other breaker box problems that could contribute to the need to replace the fuse. Our technician examines the entire box to uncover any problems that exist and any that may soon appear, if not corrected.

Should I Repair or Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

You might assume upgrading or repairing an electrical panel is a fairly simple task. Many people have changed a circuit breaker or fuse in the home with no problems. However, your electrical panel needs to be worked on by professionals. Safety must be the top priority at all times.

Any mistakes made during the electrical panel repair or upgrade puts the home and loved ones at risk. An improperly installed electrical panel serves as a fire hazard and could lead to somebody being electrocuted in the home. Why risk this when Safe Electric is available to help?

Local or state building codes could require this work to be carried out by a professional. Safe Electric can be of help with this task, as our licensed electricians have undergone training to repair or upgrade an electrical panel.

They are friendly, professional, and respectful when at your home. When they handle your breaker box problems, you can feel confident running the appliances in the home as much as you want.

You’ll see an improvement in your home’s electrical system performance when we complete the electrical panel upgrade. Your electronic appliances, computers, and electronics won’t suffer harm from an electrical surge and the potential accompanying data loss.

How Often Should an Electrical Panel Be Replaced?

You may wonder how often you need to have your electrical panel replaced. When you call for breaker box repair, our electrician may recommend you replace the panel. Failures within the electrical system are more common than people realize. Improper installation, wear and tear, and faulty wiring are three reasons a problem might arise with the panel.

The circuit breakers protect your home and loved ones from harm. When they work correctly, they prevent short-circuits, power surges, circuit overloads, and more. However, they only do so with proper installation. Our electricians are licensed and insured for your protection, as well as ours.

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Cost

One question we often get asked involves the cost of an electrical panel replacement. This depends on the amperage needed for the home. A 200-amp breaker box costs less than a 300-amp one, for example. Ultimately, the cost of the replacement is determined, the amperage required, and the number of circuits needed.

Why Should You Replace the Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel appears to be a fairly straightforward device. However, many things may cause it to fail. This includes inclement weather and obsolescence. Damaged insulation, missing clamps, and more all require a call to a licensed electrician, and we are ready to answer this call.

Call us if the panel feels warm or breakers trip when you plug appliances in. Any smell coming from the unit needs to be investigated immediately, and we can send an electrician out. When remodeling the home, call us. We inspect the panel to ensure it can hold up to the increased demand.

We can help when lights flicker in the home or outlets make buzzing noises. The same is true if you see burn marks around one or more receptacles. Our electricians have the training and experience to address all these issues.

Watch Out for Federal Pacific Electric Panels

Older homes often have a Federal Pacific electric panel. If you have this type of panel in your home, call us right away. Electricians commonly installed the panels in homes from the 1950s to the 1980s. They serve as a fire hazard, and the same is true of Zinsco panels. We update the panel so you know your home remains protected.

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